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The Price is Right

“Wasn’t your hair brown when I checked you in,” the woman behind the desk asked?


“I dressed as Walkiria for your Halloween Bash,” I replied to the green skinned woman.  I kind of like the red hair and I thought I’d give it a day or two to see how it suits me.”


“It was a great party wasn’t it’,” she smiled?  “And the red hair suits you.”


“Thanks.  I had a great stay.  But the music has stopped, the dancing is done, and it’s time to pay the bill.”


“The experience does go by quickly doesn’t it Ms. Dawson,” the Orion woman replied as she opened an unexpectedly thick folder and laid it on the desk between us.


I’m a bit surprised in myself as to how at ease I am here.  A month ago I did not believe in extra-terrestrials, and here I am talking to one while surrounded by a dozen others.  Add in the fact that just weeks ago I was kidnapped by another group of aliens, taken on board their ship, and then told to wear their magic suit and do their bidding or they’d ‘space me’.  I think I am handling things pretty well.


“Now you left a cash deposit in lieu of a credit card.  Do you wish to use that deposit for payment, or do you prefer to utilize your card?”


“Cash please.”


“Of course.  It is more discreet than having it on your Amerivisa isn’t it?”


“Indeed it is,” I smiled, hiding the fact that I have no credit cards under my alias, and my personal credit score is probably a 99. 


“Now your bill is broken down into several invoices,” she explained as she removed the top sheet of paper.  “It is less confusing for your own, as well as our record keeping.  The first one is for the use of the Cathexis.”


“The what,” I ask?


“The Cathexis.  Where the Id rules,” she explained.  “You might be thinking of it as the holo-suite?


“Of course.  I was unfamiliar with that reference.:


“The first line item is for the use of the basic facility” she continues, putting a check mark next to the dollar amount.


It’s a significant amount of money, but I knew this going in, and I’ve got millions in a locker at the bus station at the moment.  It’s not going to bankrupt me.


“Then there is the fee to customize the holographic imagery for the Bardak program,” she explains. 


“Okay,” I reply trying to keep a calm look when I see the amount.


“This figure is for the custom program for your fantasy.  Kidnapping, interrogation by your captor, the ravishing, the rescue, the gentle lovemaking by your hero, etcetera,  etcetera.”


“That is a significant number,” I note.


True, but had you selected something from the Cathexis library, this line item would be zero, as it would have been covered in the standard rate.  Also, should you wish to re-live a variant of the Bardak fantasy later, it will be at a significantly lower price.”


“It’s sort of like going to the movies, isn’t it,” I quip?  “The ticket price get’s eclipsed by the concession stand bill.”


“ Indeed,” she says.  Moving on to the next invoice.  It is the fee for two standby medical technicians and equipmement.”


“Why the EMTs,” I interrupt? 


“It’s a precaution for high risk fantasies such as yours,” her voice patient and her smile friendly.  “You were subjected to some considerable physical and psychological stress, and despite all precautions one cannot guarantee under those conditions you wouldn’t have a cardiac episode, a panic attack, or other negative reaction.” 

“Logical,” I answer.  Do I look that fragile, I think to myself?


“Then there is the fee to have two phallus’ created, and convert the hologram program to integrate with the Bardak and Goliath characters.”


I thought your brochure said the Cathexis uses holograms, force fields, and tractor beams to simulate an environment?  It said the experience was indistinguishable from reality?”


“Ordinarily this would be true.  But your fantasy required a challenge those three elements were unable to meet?”


How so?”


“Well to put it discretely, you ummmm wanted to feel General Bardak’s ahhhh  shall we say ‘big General’ inside you, correct?”


I feel my cheeks flush as I reply,”yes.”


“And Goliath took certain….liberties?”


“I get the picture, I say embarrassed.


“There is no means for the suite’s systems to go inside you without things getting… messy.  Which is bad for repeat business.  So the extra large phallus and hologram integration allowed you to have a more fulfilling experience.  Emphasis of the filling,” she said with a smile.  I might add there is no need to be embarrassed.  I cannot name names, but there are a good number of men and woman in polite society who share your interests in their own fantasies.”


“Well I’d hate for things to get messy,” I reply trying to to change the subject as as a shiver goes down my spine just thinking of just what ‘messy’might mean regarding my lady parts.


“Which brings us back to your bill,” the green complexioned woman said transitioning smoothly back to business.  “We have the cleaning and restoration fee for the suite, the standard service fees, and finally the monitoring and safety fee.”


“Any questions so far?”


“No,” I answer.  “It’s a tidy little sum isn’t it?”


“But worth every penny,” isn’t it?  Now moving on to the final invoice, for the room you rented and your attendance at Paudraic’s Getaway Resort’s Halloween Bash.  By the way, you made for a fine looking Walkiria.


“Thank you, I reply, bracing myself for the final financial onslaught.  But I have to admit she is right.  It IS worth every penny.”



Paudraic’s Getaway Resort  belongs to :iconpaudraic: located in :iconangel-fallsda: and is used with permission.

General Bardak is the property of :iconatomskmaster6: who also appears in the story arc with permission.

Orbital Love
I walk through the back door of the dungeon and am enveloped by a blinding light. When my vision clears, I find myself removed from the torturous chamber and standing in a small room, with a small window, looking down on the Earth below me.

“Where am I,” I whisper in awe? 

“You are on my vessel, in orbit over the Earth,” the voice that always makes me smile answers. “I’ve brought you to a place more deserving of a woman of your beauty. You truly belong among the stars.

It may be cliché, corny, and it sounds like something from a romance novel, but daaaaam he sounded so sexy when he said it.

“I had the molecular conveyor transport us to a place of greater privacy,” he says as he comes up behind me kissing my neck. “There is a small shower in the corner where you can clean up. The water recycles and purifies, so take as long as you need my love,” he says.

The sweat, dirt, and grime slide off me, and the water feels great as it weights down my hair and massages my scalp; then flows down my body carrying away most of the physical remnants of my terrifying encounter. The numerous small cuts and scratches in my skin sting for a few moments as the hot water flows over them and my flesh takes on a red tint even as the glass shower walls fog up.

I think back on the recent fight between my champion and the brutish Goliath, and my pulse quickens. My man fought for me. He fought for my safety and for my honor, and I feel erotic stirrings growing inside me as I recall the battle. My hero's’s rage at seeing me helpless and under a monster’s control. The merciless beating he gave him for what he had done to me.

I take the portable shower head from the wall and direct the stream of water over my breasts. Water flows down between them cleansing my cleavage. I direct the stream lower and lower. I change the flow from shower to pulse and let out a soft sigh as the throbbing water massages my womanhood, increasing my arousal.

The door opens and closes quickly as a my man steps in wearing nothing but a smile. “Do you need help washing your back,” he asks?

“Yes,” I reply with a wicked smile. “Perhaps I can persuade you to wash my front as well,” I tease as I guide his hands to my wet, soapy breasts.

“I think I can be so persuaded,” he says as he leans forward and presses his mouth over mine in a deep sensual kiss. 

Andromeda resides in the city of :iconangel-fallsda:
Angel Falls Evening Post issue 1
Look for it in your favorite bookstore, supermarket, or drug store.
Hey Little Sister Who's The One You Want?

Continued from

I am not sure how much more I can take of this. I’ve been Goliath’s prisoner for hours now, and with each of those passing hours he demonstrates more creativity in making me suffer. It started off with a flogging, escalated to breath play, and then things have slowly gotten worse from there.

I am now kneeling naked before him, my body glistening with sweat. The room is stifling, and the air is completely still.  Gawd, is it too much to ask to have just a little breeze?


My ordeals thus far have been very physically demanding, and my thirst has become almost unbearable. It is an understatement to say that I am miserable.

“Tell me what I want to know,” he demands. “Tell me Bardak’s weaknesses. His secrets. Tell me or I will make what you have experienced up until now seem like nothing.”

“I don’t know,” I plead. “I don’t know any more about him than I’ve see on television! I’ve never even met General Bardak. I swear!”

“Do not lie to me,” the giant of a man roars. “You bear his mark on your breast!  I know you are his lover. His whore!”

He grabs me by the throat and pulls my face inches away from his. His breath smells of whiskey.

My wrists are manacled behind my back, and his grip is so strong I cannot breathe.  I struggle ineffectively unable to control the rising panic within me.

“Everyone knows you are his woman,” he hisses. “Everyone,” he screams as he roughly pushes me away and I fall to my knees at his feet, gasping for air!

“I’ll never betray Alvaro,” I say defiantly. “Never”, I say!

“Oh you will not only tell me everything I want to know about your beloved, but you will tell me those things only you have knowledge of.  Things that I would not even know to ask. Then you will take your rightful place at my feet as my toy.”

“You are delusional. I’ll bust your balls,” I say venomously!

“I am going to derive great pleasure in breaking you,” he smiles, his voice like a snake. “You can already feel it can’t you? How far you’ve already slipped. How close to the edge you are. How close you are to being lost and becoming nothing more than my property.”

Despite my overheated body and the high room temperature, a cold chill passes through me with his words and a shiver runs down my spine.

“Yes, you do feel it, I can tell,” he says as he takes a knee in front of me and grasps my face looking into my eyes. All I can think of is a line from the movie Jaws. Something about having black eyes. A doll’s eyes.

“I am going to have my revenge on Bardak,” his voice calming. “I will have my revenge and you are going to make it possible.”

“You are deranged,” I reply, my mouth dry.

Ignoring my feeble insult he continues. “Bardak will come for you. He will. I know his type. He will come, and this time I am ready for him. I have trained. I have undergone enhancements that make me bigger, far stronger, faster, and more durable than him. He will come for you, and I will destroy him.”

“Please,” I beg. “Don’t do this. Whatever your grievance, don’t do this. I’ll be your woman. I’ll be your whore. I’ll be your slave. Just spare Alvaro.”

“You will be all those things anyway,” he answers. I will have your beloved in chains watching as I ravage you. Break you. Tame you. Then when you willingly give yourself to me, it will break his spirit. When that happens, I will finish him off.”

Suddenly the door explodes inward, and Alvaro steps into the room.

My tormentor does not seem alarmed, and he is actually smiling as he stands upright and turns to face my General. His confidence frightens me, and I worry for my lover’s safety.

“We meet again Bardak,” the monster says in a cliché’. “Much sooner than I expected perhaps, but that just means I will have to wait no longer for my vengeance.”

Alvaro looks at me our eyes locked. His are angry and his muscles tense as I see rage building up inside him.

“You have one chance to surrender and release her, Goliath!” he says to the man mountain towering over me.

Alvaro looks so small now that I see the two of them in the same room, and I tremble in….fear? Anticipation?

My captor makes the first offensive move, which Alvaro deftly evades, countering with a blow that would shatter a cinder block. Instead of going down however the eight foot monster just grunts, and backhands Bardak, sending him flying across the room.

“I’m going to squash you like the bug you are…” he says confidently advancing on him as Bardak rises to his feet.

“A bug?” Bardak replies his voice tight with anger as he glances at me and then refocuses on his opponent. “At least I don’t have the brain and muscles of a bug…”

Goliath then roars and charges at my man like a bull, and Bardak drops to the floor balancing on his left hand, his leg kicking out like a piston striking the larger man’s knee. His opponent staggers but does not fall, and he roars in anger and pain.

”I will break you in two!!!” Goliath threatens. He is standing unsteadily, his leg obviously damaged.

“I seriously doubt that…” Bardak replies, as he darts in low and close to his opponent.”

“Nooooo,” I scream in fear, worried that my beloved is too close and the giant will have him in his grasp crushing him.

My fears are unwarranted though as his powerful legs launch him upward, and both of Bardak’s fists hammer Goliath’s jaw taking him several inches off of his feet, and dropping him to the floor.

“Whatever you have done to her, I’ll repay you back tenfold!!” Bardak promises, as he follows through with a powerful downward blow to the monster’s face.

My heart is pounding in my chest like a jackhammer, and I feel stirrings within me as my General presses his advantage.

“I will not be denied, my revenge,” Goliath gasps, blood flowing from his now broken nose.

“You will” Bardak hits him in his face again, “never hurt her,” Bardak hits him yet again, “EVER AGAIN,” he repeats as he delivers the finishing blow to the side of the behemoth’s neck disrupting the carotid artery and blood flow to his opponent’s brain.

As Goliath falls, Alvaro lifts me into his powerful arms. “Are you okay my love,” he asks? His muscular body is comforting, and the musky-manly smell makes my head spin.

“I’ll be okay now,” I assure him. “Now that you have saved me.”

“I will always be there for you Joelle,” he promises.

“I know,” I reply. “You’ve always…,” my reply is cut short by the deep, sensual kiss my General gives me.


General Bardak is the property of :iconatomskmaster6: and operates in :iconangel-fallsda:
This story is a collaborative project, with 
:iconatomskmaster6: to whom I thank for editing & smoothing out the General's dialog.  

Hey Little Sister Who's Your Superman?
Continued from:

“Is this your handy work?” a masculine voice asks?

I’d been so focused on preparing to remove the unconscious mercenary’s pants I did not hear General Bardak enter the room. Please don’t ask why I am removing an unconscious man’s pants, but it’s not what you are probably thinking. My point is, I did not hear Bardak enter, and when he spoke it startled the hell out of me.

“You can speak, can’t you?” he asked again. “Are you responsible for what happened to these mercenaries?” His voice is strong, confident, and authoritative.

“Yes I am,” I say, my voice sounding like someone else’s to me.

Damn he is a good looking man. I’ve seen photos of him and watched him interviewed on television, but this doesn’t prepare me for meeting him in the flesh.

“Do you require medical assistance?” he asks with a hint of concern in his perfectly modulated voice?

I can’t identify his soft accent, but damn his voice is sexy. “No I’m fine,” I reassure him. It will take more than the likes of them to stop me.”

“Both of these mercs are heavily armed and dangerous. I also detected a few more mercs near-by. Obviously you are a woman not to be taken lightly,” he says as he closes the distance between us.

“Actually there are about a dozen more laid out in the other room,” I say trying to sound casual. “Not all of them paramilitary like these guys, but still…” My own voice is steadying out now, but my face is feeling warm and flushed.

“Really? That is impressive.”

He stops just two feet in front of me. This man even smells good.

“Forgive my manners. I am General Bardak,” he says. “Since I do not recognize your face or your attire... I am certain I would remember us having met before. To whom do I have the pleasure of addressing? ”

Crap! I’ve never thought up a name for myself. I didn’t think I’d be going public.

“I’m the Atomic Siren,” I say pulling a name out of thin air. “Andromeda, the Atomic Siren.”

“And given your actions here, you aim to align yourself with the Guardians of Angel Falls.”

“Of course,” I reply. It’s a bit of a white lie, but I am not a mega-maniacal super villain either, so….. close enough.

“New in town I presume? I pride myself in a familiarity with most of the players in Angel Falls, and as I said earlier I would definitely remember you.”

“Pretty new,” I say. Again, it’s kind of the truth. Andromeda IS new in town.

“Might I suggest,” Alvaro says in his most charming voice, “that you utilize the name Andromeda in conversation and hold the Atomic Siren title for more formal occasions?

General Bardak is the property of :iconatomskmaster6: and operates in :iconangel-fallsda:

Next 8---->
Abigail and the XL-3 came in Seventh place in the Angel Falls Grand Prix.

That is 7 out of 230 million people in the United States alone.  Or 7 billion world wide.

Not bad.

Not bad at all.
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